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Hepatitis C is deadly disease which affects the liver. The chief offender is hepatitis C virus (HCV). This virus spreads its deadly effects on the liver and can cause serious issues with the liver. The severity of this condition can vary from person to person. Initially it starts with an acute HCV infection however if this is left untreated then later on it reaches to a chronic status. The chronic HCV infection can be fatal enough to give a life threatening situation. The chronic condition of HCV infection gives detrimental effects on the liver. Initially the scarring of the liver is seen and later on, if this is left untreated than the condition worsens to cirrhosis and then slowly it turns to liver cancer. Experts suggest that there are six types of Hepatitis C viruses. Depending on the genotype of the virus the treatment option is decided by the doctors. It is suggested that the superficial contact from person to person is not the reason for advancement of the disease however the blood to blood contact will let the disease flow into healthy bodies. Intravenous drug installation with poorly sterilized medical equipment like needles and unnecessary infusions done in the unhygienic conditions are the prime reasons behind Hepatitis C. This disease also is transmitted from the infected mother to there foetus. So at the time of the conception a through blood screening is done to rule out the possibility of this hepatic infection. There is no vaccine available for the Hepatitis C. The only prevention in the reduction of this disease is by giving a thorough check on the donated blood and use of the intravenous infusion in a sterile environment.

Treatment options for Hepatitis C

Initially interferon was used as the treatment option for this hepatic condition however later on due significant side effects it was accompanied with Ribavirin. Later on due to the advancement in the technology and science, a new drug was introduced in 2013. Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) served the purpose of the treatment of hepatic infection. However in 2014, Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir) was introduced as the treatment option. This was praised by the users and experts acknowledged it. The FDA approved the drug, as this drug offered the perfect oral drug regime to the Hepatitis C suffering patients. This drug has gained a lot of recognition because it helped to treat adults suffering from HCV genotype 1 infused Hepatitis. This was the only drug which could be gulped down with water once a day. So it helped the suffering patients to deal with the infection immediately. This drug helped to reduce the frequency of the weekly injections of the interferon. The success rate of the drug is greater as compared to other drugs. The experts have also approved this in the clinical trials of this drug. The duration of the therapy is 12 weeks; this treatment plan is worth as it eliminates the chances of the virus replication.

Best treatment option on list and its availability across the world

Harvoni is a unique combination of sofosbuvir and ledipasvir. This treatment plan is highly efficient however, this treatment option is costly. In US the price of this drug is whopping high and it will cost you at around $1,350 per day and this is for 12 week regimen. There are co-pay program available for this drug in US however they are not the part of medicare. The insurance agencies are also unable to give a back up for this highly priced hepatitis C treatment option over here. Here only 25% of this 12 week treatment plan is covered. This treatment option is also highly priced in Canada. The full coverage program for this hepatitis C treatment is not available so without any subsidy, here the pill costs at around $1000. So the 12-week-treatment plans costs you at around $84,000. If we talk about Egypt the story of the drug is different. In this country at around 15% people are infected with the Hepatitis C virus. The prime reason for this is prevalent unhygienic conditions in the hospitals and poor quality of blood transfusions. The government is trying to bargain on the price range with the makers of the drug. However as of now there is poor availability of the drug in this country. In India the price range of this drug is lowered down by the innovative actions of the government. Here the Natco Pharma Ltd has joined hands with US-based Gilead Sciences to create generic version of the drug. The drug regulators and controllers have waved off the green flag to the makers of the drug. So herein the combination of ledipasvir-sofosbuvir of 90 mg and 400 mg was introduced as the generic Harvoni and the brand name was given as Hepcinat LP. The company released the statement that the drug launch was best option and was in interest of the suffering patients. Since this was generic version the price was lowered down a bit , as the man power and strategic planning for the launch was also toned down to a lower level. Hepcinat LP was available at the reasonable price of Rs.25000 for the bottle of 28 pills. The cheaper versions of this drug were initially sold to the developing countries .The authorities appreciated this move of both the companies. US-based Gilead Sciences, later on entered into an agreement with various generic drug maker companies to shell out generic versions to the world.

Suggestive miracle drug for Hepatitis C

Hepcinat LP gives a better success rate as it reduces the therapy duration. This treatment option is suggested as the right choice by the experts as the minimal side effects are seen. The common side effects which are seen are tiredness and headache so it is suggested to consume the drug before going to bed. Trouble in sleeping and slower heart rate can be considered as the severe side effect of the drug. In such cases patient can consult there health care provider. Plus there is no hassle involved while administering this drug. This is oral drug give better bioavailability and reaches to the action of the site immediately. The drug belongs to group of polymerase inhibitors. It is direct acting anti viral agent which interferes with the chain reactions of the growth of the Hepatitis C virus.

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